Step into Spring with our new groups for all

Posted by Arden Fekett | May 1, 2014

Welcome to new worlds of healing, hope and possibilities as Counseling and Healing presents its new groups. Join us as we begin our new programs of sharing, inspiration, and life enrichment. I am Arden Fekett, and I feel privileged and excited to have had the opportunity to develop and present groups that speak to a variety of human challenges and needs.

I am a psychotherapist and licensed creative arts therapist and am so please to be able to offer a number of tools for people to use for self-expression and to grow personally and share together. In a setting of supportive community and compassion, in an environment free of judgment and full of encouragement, the sharing of feelings through words will combine in various ways with the modalities of art, theater, music, meditation, movement, writing, the world of nature, and more.

You are welcome to experience the “New You” group which explores the rediscovery of food as a source of joy and health.

I invite you to join in “Theater for LIfe”,  and “The Art Experience”, that focus especially on creative expression and sharing, and have separate child, adolescent and adult sessions.

“Journey to Serenity,” emphasizes the search for calm, as does “Spiritual Directions.” with a special focus on the individual’s search for meaning in the world.

“Discovering Me” is designed to address the challenges of teenage and young adult women in their yearning for identity and connection, just as “Reaching from Behind the Glass Wall” will be a support and opportunity for those on the Spectrum to grow their social vocabulary along with self-esteem.

“Sweet Dreams” will be a later night group the provides a soothing setting for helping those who struggle with getting to or staying asleep, while “Sunrise Celebrations” is a morning gathering where together where we prepare for and greet a new day.

More information about these and other experiences offered here at Counseling and Healing are available in our brochures, through calling our office, and will be discussed in this blog. I so look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions about these programs as well as other ways we may address your needs at our center. Let us look forward together to the days of increasing warmth and longer periods of light. With best wishes. Arden